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INTRO to Chubbuck Technique 

Acting Workshops in English: 

Warsaw, June 20-21, July 19-20

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The Chubbuck Technique workshop is designed for actors who lack self-belief, lack the necessary tools to explore their potential, and have difficulty applying it to their roles. This workshop is also for individuals who lack the technique to confidently execute their acting work, feel well-prepared for it, and collaborate effectively with the director. Additionally, this workshop is beneficial for successful actors who seek to enhance their skills with additional tools.

For years, I struggled to feel like a confident actor without the right tools. It was easy to understand roles that came naturally to me, but challenging when my intuition fell silent. I searched for years for a method that would help me analyze characters, prepare for scenes, and arrive on set with a wealth of suggestions, whether I had a small or large role. Three years ago, I discovered Ivana Chubbuck's Technique, which equipped me with the tools to enjoy acting work, from preparation to execution. Now, I'm proud of my work and can work effectively with directors with mutual pleasure.

When it comes to workshops, I personally find it most effective to work in small groups. This is because it allows each participant to gain a thorough understanding of the Method's steps.

Please consider this as an invitation to join me.


Warm regards,

Marcin Zarzeczny

(Supernova - dir. B. Kruhlik/Canal+, Studio Munk, Klangor/Canal+, My Debt - cinema film, M jak Miłość, author of the monodrama "Zwierzeniabezrobotnegoaktora" which was played more than a hundred times in Poland, Germany, Iceland, India, and Iran, winner of acting awards in Poland, Germany, and Albania)



Chubbuck’s Technique was constructed by one of the most wanted Hollywood acting coach - Ivana Chubbuck. She had developed her own process, which builds on teaching traditions that stretch back to Stanislavski and infuses them with current advances in behavioral science and psychology. Many actresses and actors have succeeded thanks to Chubbuck’s Technique (e.g. Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Travis Fimmel, Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco, Thure Lindhardt and many more). Ivana had prepared Halle Berry to a lead role in „Monster's Ball”. For this part, Berry have won Best Actress at the Academy Awards.
Workshops will be led by @MarcinZarzeczny - a Chubbuck coach, student of Ivana and certified by her in Chubbuck Studio Los Angeles, the only licensed Chubbuck Technique coach for Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Only 8 spots.
Contact us for the enrollment and more details at and
To book your reservation, please make the payment for the tuition fee to the account:
Centrum Rozwoju Artystycznego Marcin Zarzeczny
mBank 25 1140 2004 0000 3202 7799 5413 with the note 'Chubbuck/city/month'.
After making the transfer, please send an email to with your reservation details, phone number, and a max two-minute slate (short note about yourself in the form of a video) and send via YouTube link.
Your reservation will be held for three days until we receive confirmation of your payment. No-cost cancellation can take place 2 weeks before the start of the workshop. After this period we do not return the advance payment.
21-22 June 3pm-9pm
19-20 July 3pm-9pm
Studio Mana Nowolipie 17b/99
8 spots
Cost: 500 PLN

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